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Georgia Association of Veteran Certifying Officials

The Treasurer is elected for a two-year term and assumes office at the close of the annual conference.


  • Receiving the annual dues for all GAVCO member applicants
  • Paying the expenses of GAVCO according to GAVCO guidelines or upon approval by the President
  • Filing corporate income tax statements, including returns from the annual conference and any other business reports as necessary
  • Preparing quarterly banking services, debit cards, and corporation insurance, as well as serving as the official GAVCO corporate address
  • Arranging independent audit for each fiscal year

Special requirements for this office holder include:

  • Knowledge of computer and banking services in order to print and maintain bookkeeping software, financial statements, and reports
  • Institutional computer support to maintain and process financial records
  • Time for the Treasurer to perform these services
  • The Treasurer must work closely with the President and Vice President