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Georgia Association of Veteran Certifying Officials

The Secretary serves for an elected term of two years and assumes office at the close of the annual conference.


  • Recording the Minutes of all meetings including: Executive Board Meetings, Annual Conference Business Meetings, Planning Meetings, and all other general GAVCO meetings
  • Distributing the revised copy of Constitution and By-Laws, if changes are made at the annual conference, to the Board
  • Maintaining an indexed notebook of Minutes of previous meetings (this notebook is to be passed on to the next GAVCO Secretary)
  • Sending sympathy cards to families of deceased members and submit memorial information for inclusion in the GAVCO Newsletter
  • Performing other duties as requested by the Executive Committee, such as preparing and distributing communications, reports, and files

Special requirements for this office holder include:

  • Having an ability to take copious notes
  • Transcribe an accurate report of committee deliberations